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Search any word in our dictionary. Go back to your busy life. Receive a quiz notification for that word. Test your memory from the lock screen. Repeat until you master it.


Unlike traditional dictionaries, Lockcard displays only the information you need to get back to whatever you were doing originally.


Created automatically, flashcard notifications come to you and engage your brain without even having to open the app.


The Lockcard algorithm is based on cognitive studies, proven to help consolidate your learning into long-term memory.

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Search and save any English word

Searching the meaning of a word shouldn't take so long. Lockcard puts a focus on simplicity and context so you can easily go back to what you were reading.

Word Definition

Review without unlocking
your phone

Reviewing is the single largest contributor to learning vocabulary. It’s very easy to review words using Lockcard notifications (🔔). Play with them while you're browsing the web, procrastinating, on a call...

Flashcard Notifications

Build a lifelong notebook

Building vocabulary is a lifelong process, so Lockcard helps you save and track your progress across all vocabulary.

List of Words

Get Wordle hints

The New York Times increased word difficulty for the Wordle game; Lockcard offers daily hints to help you guess the word while still having fun.

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New widgets every month

Beautify your iPhone home screen while reviewing vocabulary in a glimpse. Try different colors, sizes and functions!

The Forgetting Curve graph.
Built with Science

Our notification system follows the Spaced Repetition model and gradually spaces out your reviews in time so that you're learning only what matters today.

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