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Search a word in our dictionary. Go back to your busy life. Receive a quiz notification for that word. Test your memory from the lock screen. Repeat until you master it.


Unlike traditional dictionaries, Lockcard displays only the information you need to get back to whatever you were doing originally.


Created automatically, flashcard notifications come to you and engage your brain without even having to open the app.


The Lockcard algorithm is based on cognitive studies, proven to help consolidate your learning into long-term memory.

You didn't hear it from us

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Homepage screen of LockCard app.

A simple, and delightful search

Do you remember how painful it used to be to search words in printed dictionaries? We spent more time searching for a word than reading its definition, no jokes.

Word Definition

Essential information, only.

Ain't nobody got time for irrelevant information. We display only what's essential so that you can return to whatever you were reading. Every word you search is saved and transformed into a 'Lockcard' (aka. notifications).

Word definition screen, LockCard app.
Flashcard Notifications

Notifications to review

Research shows we forget 60% of what’s learnt within a few days. That’s probably why you start studying for exams a day before only (oops). Our smart schedule automatically spaces out notifications in time, so that you absorb knowledge into long-term memory.

List of Words

Track your Progress

Behind Lockcard is a super smart robot that gets smarter the more you use it. So, when you mark a word as ‘Difficult’ to recall, our algorithm understands that it needs to test you on it soon again.

Word List screen, on LockCard app.
The Forgetting Curve graph.
The Forgetting Curve

Our notification system gets smarter with your usage of the app. It continuously improves to test you exactly when you're about to forget a word, until you've actually mastered it.

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